Reality, Warped: The World of Zach Thompson

Zach Thompson lives in a reality of his own. We’re just on the outside looking in, catching glimpses of the people who roam his world through his abstract artwork. His collection of half-painting, half-collage works often feature a variety of abstract characters made up of disproportionate body parts, accompanied by a slew of different words, creating pieces that encourage a keen eye. All of his works seem to fire up the imagination; to fuel the creative part of our brains. Zach Thompson’s mind inspires both himself and others.

Painting by Zach Thompson.

The imaginatively unique works of Thompson just go to prove his importance in the art world of today. The Detroit-based artist is not new to the game, as his vast works featured on his Instagram date back to 2014. Canvas is not his only palette either as he recently showed off a couple different pairs of sick custom shoes. The pairs of Nike Air Force 1s that he designed show off a similar style to that of his paintings. You can check out both pairs below. He also uses public figures, including Tyler the Creator and Muhammad Ali, as inspiration. These warped celebrity portraits can be viewed below as well.

Thompson is clearly a product of our world, but he does not necessarily belong. He seems to feel more at home among the people who roam his mind. Thompson continues to create this eccentric art, continuously sharing new paintings with his fans.



Follow Zach Thompson on  Instagram and  Twitter and see more of his work below.








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