Modern Canvas: Fashion Design by Unidentified Corporation

Let us introduce you to Unidentified Corporation, an up and coming apparel company out of San Diego, California. Spearheaded by founder Liam Beyerle, Unidentified Corp. has been running since March 2015 and was “built on the idea that if you do not place limits on yourself or your creativity you can turn something small into a something powerful and influential,” Beyerle tells us. He started the company so he could have something to call his own and was inspired to take a jab at the corporatization of the modern art world. Now, after releasing 75 products, the brand has been able to expand and grow organically, working its way toward a bigger presence. Read our interview with Beyerle below.

Unidentified Corporations “Logo Camo” Skateboard Deck.

What kind of events do you host?

The events I have hosted in the past have been pop-up shops that include other brands and artists. My most recent pop-up was in September with another San Diego brand Rottweiler and we popped up at a local store called Human Catalyst. In the past my other pop ups have had a skate video premiere and we hosted a rap show with local artists. Pop-ups are one of the best parts of doing the brand. It’s always fun to bring people together, present the product in a store type setting and be able to tell people the story and process behind each piece.


How do you choose artists to collaborate with?

The people I collaborate with are all people that not only put out amazing and unique work but also are great people to be around. Everybody i have worked with I am a huge fan of their work so I want to teach people about artists or brands that they may not have been exposed to before. Everything that I have worked on with other artists has happened naturally and I think that is important because when people don’t have a solid relationship it looks forced and isn’t good for anybody.


How do you choose what type of product to make?

When I choose products to make I think about what I haven’t done or what can I do to improve on things I did in the past. T-Shirts are really important to me and my brand as I feel they are a modern canvas. I also think that besides t-shirts it is important for a brand to have a diverse product range so I start by looking at blanks products and see what I can do to make the best version I can. This fall was a huge step-up for me. I was able to make a duffle bag, skateboard deck, and possibly my favorite piece ever the Explorer Zip-Up Fleece Jacket. I am currently working on my first cut and sew piece (short-sleeve button-up) so really I just try to make as many different things as I can.


I’m sure you have a lot of designs that don’t make it to the production stage. How do you choose which designs are worthy of producing?

To me a design just has to feel right for me to release it. I would not consider myself to be a perfectionist but I want everything I make to be a positive addition to my archive. Timing is probably the biggest determining factor if something stays in the vault or gets released. I want to make sure that whenever I produce something the execution is to the best of my ability.








What does having this creative outlet mean to you?                                                                       

To me having a creative outlet means making products that connect with people visually, mentally, educate people, elevate a person’s style, and provoke thought. It has also taught me a lot about myself and it is crazy now to see things I always knew were possible become a reality.


What advice do you have for those interested in starting a clothing company?

My advice to those looking to start a company is to do it because you love it. Know that it takes a lot of time and that progression is the most important thing to judge yourself on.


What can we expect next from Unidentified Corporation?

This weekend I will be releasing embroidered logo hoodies in 4 color ways and a new t-shirt. Winter 2017/2018 is currently in development, I have some solid graphics ready to go and the collection should include my first cut and sew piece.


Where / what do you want Unidentified Corporation to be in 5 years?

My goal is to keep growing the brand organically, continue to offer unique pieces, work with other talented artists. I definitely want to have a retail experience within the next 5 years as well as have the brand sold in select shops around the world.





All products pictured in this article, including pieces in their new collection, are available for purchase at UnidentifiedCorp.com. Follow Unidentified Corporation on   Instagram and  Twitter.

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