The Many Faces of Meg McConn

Meg McConn likes to paint faces. Repeating, distorted, many-faced faces – and she’s brilliant at it. She paints eyes atop eyes, noses connecting to noses, mouths next to one another, all to create warped faces with far too many features for the normal human. And it works extremely well.

These paintings all have a similar, recognizable style. The repeating faces often show very little emotion, but all seem to work to emphasize the beauty of the human face. What really makes the paintings special are the beautiful, vibrant color schemes that McConn utilizes. She often uses different shades of contrasting colors that create the vibrant works pictured here. It’s not all faces, though, as McConn also incorporates a number of repeating hands in some of her oil paintings as well, which can be seen below. She also experiments with fashion, as you can see she has painted one of her signature facial patterns on a denim jacket.

A favorite of mine is shown below and features one canvas breaking through another canvas, as if the colored painting features the true emotions of the grey person below.

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