Colin Blu’s Colorful, Distorted Characters

Colin Blu is a young artist who has been gaining a following on social media by sharing the colorful creations you see below. He works mainly in acrylic, oil, pastel, pen, and collage to create his artwork. A lot of his work features distorted faces that are sometimes unsettling despite their bright, kid-friendly color schemes. He definitely has a recognizable style that will surely be remembered. Check out Colin’s work below and be sure to read our interview with him that follows.

Click on any photo above to open a gallery of Colin’s art.
Describe your style.

My most recent style consists of smooth and precise details, combined with sloppy and unpredictable brush strokes. I also love to include human forms — facial features being the most common in my work.

Describe your creative process. How do you start a new piece?

Typically, I start by picking a color then making an abstract image, then the piece forms from there. Essentially, I create the composition as I go.

Who and what are your biggest influences?

My biggest influences include: Pablo Picasso, Bryant Giles, Kevin Abstract, Tyler, the Creator, Frank Ocean, and Sam Siegfried. Aside from people, I’m influenced by Cubism, Minimalism, Postmodernism, and Abstract Expressionism.

What does art and the ability to express yourself mean to you?

Creating allows me to forget about the outside world for as long as I need. I can zone out for hours while working on a piece which is very refreshing and helps with my anxiety.

Where do you want to be in five years as an artist?

In five years I just want to be a better artist, I want to sell more art, and I also want to create home decor.

What do you want people to know you for?

I want people to know a piece was created by me by just looking at it.


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