Soft Indie Pop by Doré

Krysten Doré Wilkerson makes soft alternative-pop music under the alias “Doré.” The 19 year old of Jacksonville, Florida is a promising young talent with a soft, calming voice. Listen to the dreamy pop records “seeds” and “don’t b sad” below and be sure to read our interview with Doré that follows.

Describe your music style in five words or less.

Soft Indie Pop/Alternative

Describe your creative process. How do you start a new song?

Everything I write is very much connected with my emotions. Usually when I write a new piece I have some feeling that I want to channel.  I’ll play around with my guitar or ukulele until I find a tune that matches that feeling or comes close. If it does, then I’ll build from there with other instruments and vocals if needed. If not, then I’ll take the tune and store it for a future project, then start all over again.

Who and what are your biggest influences?

As far as artists go, Rebecca Sugar’s compositions have had a major influence on my work. She composes music for children shows such as Adventure Time and Steven Universe, and has such a beautiful, soft sound with messages I truly admire. The pop punk scene, with a huge emphasis on Fall Out Boy, is the main reason why I started to write music. As a young teenager in high school, that genre kept the heat in my veins and gave me the confidence to write. After listening to Folie à Deux, Fall Out Boy’s fourth album, I would write shitty poetry in the front of my biology and chorus notebooks, eventually taking my grandma’s guitar and trying to put music to the words. I only knew like three chords and every song sounded the same, but it was a start!

What are you currently working on?

Currently, I am in the first steps of producing my first EP, which will most likely be released in the fall of this year. It’s going to have at least five tracks and will be the biggest project I’ve taken on. Conceptually speaking, it’s going to be very focused on my life and experiences, but with a fantasized twist.

What goals do you have for yourself over the next few years?

First, I want to play my music locally in my hometown of Jacksonville, then travel out. In four years, I want to say I have played in every state on the East Coast. A big goal is to build my skills and experience. This means I want to write, play, practice, and collaborate as much as I can. But the most important thing is that I want to keep pushing myself every day. I want to write music that incites a feeling in the listener, maybe even get the listener to see themselves in my work. I do truly want to create something that makes people happy.

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