Victoria L.: Blooming Young Artist

Victoria L. has never been in an art class. Yet, at the young age of 15, the Las Vegas-based artist has always had a love for art. It wasn’t until last April that she started taking it more seriously. Victoria has utilized Twitter as a way to interact with other artists and she says that this has helped her grow as many people have given her great, meaningful advice along the way. Despite people telling her it’s unrealistic, she plans to continue her growth and turn her art into a career. “I believe in myself 100%,” she tells us. We believe in her too. Check out Victoria’s work below and be sure to read our interview with her that follows.

Click on any of the above images to open a gallery of Victoria’s work.
Describe your style of work.
I’ve never been in an art class, so I wouldn’t be able to tell you the correct label my art would go under. As of now, I’d say it’s a mix of expressionism and surrealism, but I could totally be wrong on that. To me, my style of work is just me, a fraction of Victoria L. and her feelings at the moment condensed into one image of vibrant color masking the dark emotion, with black and white stripes to represent a prisoner and plenty of other meanings that I could go on for days explaining…
What medium(s) do you work in?
All of my recent work is digital, I use a graphics tablet with Photoshop, mainly because I love how I have unlimited access to any color I want and how easy it is to erase. But all of my earlier work was just sharpie on copy paper that I scanned using an app on my phone.
Describe your creative process. How do you start a new piece?
Throughout the whole week, whenever I see anything on social media that sparks my brain in any way I’ll instantly screenshot it to look back at later, it gets pretty weird sometimes though, my latest screenshot is of a bald Ronald McDonald looking sad out of a window. Or as soon as I get an idea that has a 1% chance of being included in a piece, I’ll write it down as fast as I can in my phone’s notes, my hand, a napkin, or anything really. All of my classwork is completely covered in notes about my next piece. From there, on Friday or Saturday I’ll spend the whole day sketching out tons of ideas based off my notes and references,  by the end of the day I’m left with at least one beautiful concept for my next big project.
What is it that inspires your work?

My work is inspired by the feeling of being bottled up, all my best work is made when I vent to the canvas. However, my biggest stylistic inspirations are David Shannon, Dr. Seuss, Martin Handford, Roald Dahl, Shel Silverstein, and my mom.

What does art mean to you?

Art is a voice, a way of expressing yourself. I’m not good with words, especially when it comes to my feelings, I feel like no matter what I say it never ends up being exactly how I feel because of how nervous I can get around people, so I end up all getting worked up about it. But with any of my drawings, I’m able to express myself freely on a completely blank slate every time and get everything I have to say out there without anyone judging me. It gives me the balance I need in my life.

Where do you see yourself in five years?

By then, I’ll be 20 and that’s so crazy to think about to me. I see myself growing my name on a broader scale, trying to participate more in being in different art galleries around the world and I’d also really like to organize and direct a film based off the stories my drawings tell.

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