Sam Siegfried Welcomes You to Walnut Hills

Sam Siegfried is a photographer based in Centerville, Ohio. The 18-year old has been inspired by both movies and color theory to create the photos showcased below. He is working on “Walnut Hills:)” which is a project that he describes as a magazine and EP that will also have merchandise. He also recently worked with artist Colin Blu. Check out Sam’s work below and read our interview with him that follows.

Click on any of the above photos to open a gallery of Sam’s work.
Describe your style of photography in five words or less.
Passionate and dream-like.
Describe your creative process. How do you start a new project?
I listen to a lot of music and try to paint pictures in my head and then write all my ideas down in my notes. I love getting inspiration for color theory and angles from movies. I usually start a new project just by hanging out with my friends and coming up with ideas together.
Who and what are your biggest influences?
Frank Ocean, Brockhampton, Colin Blu, Nina Marin, Will Bennett, etc.
What do you look for in the subjects of your photography?

I look to convey a certain feeling/mood, it just depends on the shoot, really.

What projects, if any, are you currently working on?

“Walnut Hills:)” – hopefully releasing it late February, might have to push it back a couple weeks. It’s a magazine, EP, and has merch. The magazine is all film photos shot by me with some featured writers and artists.

Where do you see yourself in five years?

Hopefully working for companies I like, as well as putting my personal projects out. I really want to get better at photography and also try out filmmaking.

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