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Alim-Karim Kamara, better known as “LiMM,” is a Philadelphia based artist. Although he was originally born in Freetown, Sierra Leone (West Africa), LiMM tracks his roots back to Winnipeg, Manitoba, where he was raised. His passion for music goes back as far as he can remember. He sang in choirs up until high school and really enjoyed performing. It wasn’t his junior year in High School that he would reconnect with an old friend that would gauge his interest in music. After releasing several freestyles to the public on SoundCloud, LiMM found a passion in music. He saw the things it could do for him and other people. He saw how one’s words can truly make an impact on the decisions and lives of others and through that he was inspired to make a difference.

He released his most popular song “2 AM,” featuring well-known local artist SuperstarB and he hasn’t looked back. At 19, he has released two extended-play projects, both compiling thousands of streams. He has performed at many shows, opening and headlining with popular artists such as the likes of Mac Miller, YBN Nahmir YBN Almighty Jay. He also put together shows of his own, where he has brought out hundreds of people to each event. Read our interview with LiMM below.

LiMM performing live. Photo by SpizTheProphet.
When did you realize that you wanted to start making music?
I realized I wanted to start making music after I dropped my most popular song, “2AM.” I had been getting a lot of great feedback and compliments, but one person stuck out the most. There was a listener from Europe who had DM’d me on Soundcloud. He told me he loved the song very much and explained how it helped him get through difficult times. He explained what the song meant to him and went as far as the details in the cover I explain why the song gave him such strong feelings. I realized then that music wasn’t just a bunch of noise that sounded good. I realized that I was in a position to do something for others, whether it was help them or even be there for them to be able to relate to. I knew then that music was something I wanted to take seriously, because it allowed me to connect with others on a different level and do things for them that I never thought was imaginable.
Who and what inspires you the most?
I find a lot of things inspiring. I’m genuinely inspired by anyone who is passionate and hardworking about a particular thing that interests them. People like that are always working hard and doing the right thing. They’re on top of their shit and are constantly working at perfecting their craft, unfazed by what others are doing around them. That is an inspiration.
What do you want people to feel when they listen to your music?
I always have a general message and set of emotions to every song. I want people to be able to resonate with the message and express the same feeling I felt in the moment of writing the song and the same feeling I get when I listen to it. It varies depending on the song.
What project(s) are you currently working on?
I haven’t really been working on too much recently. NxG and I just recently put out the Hawk Tape, so we’ve been promoting that and really been focusing on content creation for that mixtape.
Where do you see yourself in five years?
I see myself living happily and comfortably with my family and friends. I hope to be traveling the world and being an inspiration to those around me. I hope to be changing the world some how, hopefully this is all come arounds through means of my musical career, in one way or another.
Follow LiMM on Image result for soundcloud logo blackSoundcloud, Twitter, and Instagram. If you’re in the Philadelphia area, be sure to catch LiMM perform at Rock to Remember on April 27th 2018.

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