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Making Magic with DREAMSOULJA

JOAQUIN THE DREAM, also known as “DREAMSOULJA,” is an eccentric artist based out of Texas. The creative, who describes himself as eternal, currently works in ink and watercolor. His other passions include photography and writing. DREAMSOULJA is very passionate about his craft and understands the enormous impact that art can have. “Art is magic,” he tells us. Read our interview with DREAMSOULJA after checking out his work in the gallery below.

Click any of the above images to open a gallery of DREAMSOULJA’s artwork and photography.
Describe your style of work.

Truth. All I intend to do with my art is shine light; meaning incorporating real & meaningful messages and imagery that pertain to everybody.  I create pieces with the pure intent of it transcending its physical form, bringing heart, soul, and raw truth to all humans who view them.

Describe your creative process. How do you start a new piece?

It’s natural, organic. My art isn’t pre meditated whatsoever, I only create when I truly have something to express at that moment. I don’t ever force it to appease others or for the reception of the piece afterward. If i don’t have anything to say or visualize, I won’t.

What mediums do you work in?

Currently, ink & watercolor. I don’t use pencil or trace or anything beforehand. I’m also into writing and photography. I do plan to learn and create with all mediums over the course of my life. I even have a script and storyboard in the works. Creation is never limited to the medium and nor are you.

What is it that inspires you the most?

To change the world through my creations. To create pieces of any kind that are timeless, universal and truly meaningful. To evoke true change through pure thought, feeling and action. I want my creations to create unity amongst humans, nature and all beings.

Inspiration to me is a reflection of the change I seek to manifest.

Beside my own inner self-motivation, inspiration does comes from nature, love & experience.

I also want to say much love & respect to all artists before our time or this era. I admire the imagination and creativity that was undiluted by the excessive external influences we face today. [Dali, Kubrick, etc.]

What does art mean to you?

Art is a form of creation, and creation itself is power.

By expressing your [true] self through any form of creation you are creating power and energy that we do not fully understand nor appreciate.

Creation is magic. Art is magic.

Whether we’re creating love, hate, music, art, laughter, peace, war or life itself, we all have the ability and power to do so. We all have the choice. Everything in this world was created by something [you, me, everything.]

You hold the power to decide what you want to manifest and bring into this world. What are you going to contribute? [insert pink sparkling heart emoji].

Where goals do you have for yourself as an artist?

As an artist: to be the realest artist/creative in the game.

To combine knowledge, wisdom and aesthetics in one.

To create timeless, original masterpieces.

To change the game. To change the world.

I want to be me [Joaquin the Dream] to the fullest extent possible yet constantly die and be reborn like a phoenix in its pure glory. [DREAMSOULJA]

I want my art to spark a revolution so the youth of future generations [and ours] can live a life of pure peace and love.

I want to create for eternity, I want to express myself forever and ever.

I want humans to know we are all equal, we are all energy and we are all eternal.

Recognize your true power through creation and together lets manifest a new reality and way of living for all.

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