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Lustfullisha and The Fluidity of Her Art

Olisha Reynolds, who goes by the pseudonym Lustfullisha, is a 23-year old Phoenix-based multimedia artist. She began taking art seriously when she realized it could be a real job, not just “a hobby or a dream.” We talked to her about the fluidity of her art styles, her desires as an artist, and her inspirations. Check out some of Lustfullisha’s artwork below before reading our interview with her.

Click on any of the above images to open a gallery of Lustfullisha’s artwork.

Would you say that your work has a distinct style? If so, how would you describe it?

Not at all, I’m definitely still learning as I go, so I’m always changing up my style. Honestly I don’t think I ever want to stick with one style. I want people to see that I can do art fluidly.

What is it that inspires your art? Or that inspires you to take you in new directions with it?

What inspires me to take a new direction is to make people really think. I really like doing pieces that show a story in the eyes. I just want people to be in awe.

Was there a specific moment when you decided you were going to follow your artistic passions?

I had a bad roommate situation and had to move back into a toxic situation, art was the only thing I started wanting to do, I’ve always knew how to draw but at that moment I was doing it everyday, posting everyday. It was all I felt good at and it was a moment to not think about anything that goes on around me. People started offering me money for art and inviting me to shows. I realized this could be a job not just a hobby or a dream.

Can you choose one of your works of art and tell us something significant about it?

“Dying in my many moods” [represents] bipolar depression. Constantly fighting with your own mood changes and wanting to give up and just let them win. So basically dying/sulking in them while they consume you.

What goals do you have for yourself as an artist? Where do you see yourself in five years time?

Being more consistent, having more self discipline and in five years definitely attending shows where people know my name and I no longer have to introduce myself, no longer having to work bad jobs to help me get by. Having a nice loft with all my best pieces up [laughs].

What advice would you offer to those who struggle to find the drive to follow their creative dreams?

You have to really want it honestly, you have to make it become a habit but don’t overwork yourself or stress yourself out. You’ll have days where you have no inspiration and days where you can’t stop thinking of ideas and it’s honestly okay.

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