KidFigment: Twisting the Ordinary

Annie Cobb, better known to Twitter as KidFigment, is an 18-year old self-taught artist. She often creates colorful cartoon-like characters upon a white backdrop. Sometimes these creations have a grotesque twist – an astronaut holding a severed head, a woman with her face revealing part of her skull, or Mickey Mouse next to someone that has a bullet going through his head. And somehow these works still look friendly and welcoming. It’s a very cool style that KidFigment pulls off very well. Check out her work below and read our interview with her that follows.

Click on any of the above images to open a gallery of KidFigment’s artwork.


A lot of your work features what I would call “realistic cartoons” and it gives you a pretty distinct style. What inspired this type of look in your artwork?

I’d say my style is a reflection of finding creativity in the realistic world, putting a twist on the ordinary. That’s where the two styles come into play and battle it out. I view the world in a very whimsical way and I want my art to reflect that!

I think you do a great job at reflecting that. You often have unique characters in each of your pieces which makes me wonder – where do you draw inspiration from when creating a new piece?

My inspiration usually stems from the things I find interesting or cool. Either that or my emotions. I enjoy messing with the animal world, and surrealism. Skulls and angels, but in a playful way. A lot of times these things are actually inspired by the situations I’m in in life, and how I view them

Do you pull inspiration from other artists / people around you?

Yes of course! I feel like an artist can’t be solitary in imagination or influence, artists are like sponges that take up any / all surroundings. Whether it be an artist I see on Twitter, a famous painter from another century, or personalities of people that I meet. Anything can be inspiration, and I try to draw it from everything. 

Can your decision to follow your artistic passions be pinpointed to a specific moment in your life? Or was it more of a gradual choice?

Honestly I’m thinking it was more gradual. It took a lot of seeing what others could be, looking at other successful artists, and realizing it was achievable. That gave me the drive, and also the pure enjoyment I got from it. Now I can’t imagine doing anything else!

What goals do you have for yourself as an artist? Where do you see yourself in the future, ideally?

I’d like to build on my ideas and inspire others to create. I want to create art that has meaning and represents my thought processes. In the future I’d like to be apart of something bigger, whether it be selling my art and ideas to be used for projects, or creating those projects myself!

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