Finding a Lane and Building a Legacy with Hayden Reihl

Hayden Reihl is a 20-year old fine artist from Winnipeg. Over the last year he has gone from drawing portraits of celebrities and video game characters, to creating pieces that portray a more abstract and original style. He has found this new style of creating to be much more rewarding, as he is now encouraging himself to build a legacy of his own. Some of his whimsical, colorful works can be seen below in our gallery. Our interview with Hayden can be read below.

All Artwork by Hayden Reihl. Click any image above to open the gallery.

First of all, please give me a little background about yourself and your art career.

I’m 20 years old, and have grown up in Winnipeg since I was 8. I’ve always been very interested in the arts, but I’ve only really been creating expressive art for the last year or so. Before that I mainly did portraits of famous people or characters from video games!

What made you want to transition into expressive art? And how is the creation process different from your previous one?

I met my good friend Kieran Valde, another artist from Winnipeg. I had seen his art on instagram for years before I met him, but after I met him it felt like something clicked. I still create and draw, but not in the same manner I had always done. I wanted to CREATE. The mindset when I’m creating my art is completely different from before. I would always plan my drawings before hand, but now, I just draw. I put what I feel in the moment on the page, instead of what I see. Many of my pieces of art simply come from emotions I feel or opinions i have, others are simply just allowing my imagination to wander.

I can imagine that this emotional form of creating has been more rewarding, is that so?

It has definitely been much more rewarding for myself. At this point, creating is therapeutic and meditative for me. It allows me to calm myself and manage my negative emotions in a healthy way. It’s also more rewarding because it is ME who is the sole creator of that piece of art. It came from my brain, nobody else’s. It’s a very cool feeling.

Do you want art to become your profession down the line?

Hell yes. I’m working hard right now to establish myself as an artist that should be watched; whose art should be hanging on walls.

What advice would you give to someone who is struggling to find him/herself as an artist?

Just keep moving forward. Every day you create, the closer you get to your goals. It’s all learning, it’s all growing. Just keep moving.

When you tweeted out your painting titled “It’s All A Cycle,” you stated that it was the “beginning of your legacy.” Was this the first piece that you made that you felt was truly something to be proud of?

Yes! It was my first piece that I put on a canvas that I actually believed was a good display of the talent I’ve been building. I also consider it the start of the transformation of my art.

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