Rebounder: The Sound of New York & Nostalgia

I was standing body-to-body in a crowded Brooklyn Steel when I first discovered Rebounder. As they came on the stage I had hoped their set wouldn’t be too long – I wanted to see The Neighbourhood, whom they were opening for. But by the time Rebounder had granted my wish and were clearing the stage after their 15-minute set, I wanted them to stay longer. They had a great stage presence and their songs were so were enjoyable that I wanted to hear more of them. I remember thinking that they are what Arctic Monkeys would sound like if they had formed in New York instead of England. I thought to myself, “I need to interview this band.” And once I did, I realized Rebounder isn’t really a “band” at all – at least not in the traditional sense.

Rebounder performs at Brooklyn Steel in Brooklyn, NY on October 5th 2018. Photo by Jacob Consenstein (@youngcob)

Dylan Chenfeld is more of a one-man band – think of a Tame Impala situation. Chenfeld makes all of the “Rebounder” records alone in his bedroom. When it’s showtime, though, it’s not just Dylan on stage by himself, or as he puts it, “it’s a gang for shows, and a gang for when we go to the bar.” He has garnered support from Jesse Rutherford and the rest of the guys behind The Neighbourhood, which Chenfeld notes is “rad.” Rebounder has a bright future ahead, as proven by the two songs Dylan has put out so far. Press play on “Japanese Posters” and “Swim Zone” below as you read our interview with Rebounder that follows.

When was Rebounder born? And how long ago did you start making music?

I’ve played and toured in a lot of bands, but recently wanted to do something with songs I write in my room. I produced the first EP out, then started playing shows with some old friends, mostly kids I grew up with in New York. We’ve all played together in various projects before. The most consistent member is my little brother Noah, on bass. He helps with writing some of the tunes too. 

What are the band’s biggest musical influences?
These days its a lot of New Order, Empress Of and Post Malone. All the Manchester 80’s stuff, as well as a lot of the modern pop/rap stuff. The most recent stuff from Sports and Triathalon is really good too. That new Joji record is really great, playing that one nonstop. 

You currently have two songs out: Japanese Posters and Swim Zone. What have the reactions been to these two singles?
It led me to this great interview with you, so I’d say its been pretty tight.

You recently opened a couple of shows for The Neighbourhood. How did this opportunity come along?
Been friends with those guys for a while, I’ve helped them with some shirt design stuff in the past, and Jesse is the #1 homie and icon. He hooked it up and supports the campaign. Their support is rad and their show is great.

Tell me about that experience. What was it like to open for them? Did you learn anything from playing these shows?
Playing those shows was really cool. I don’t think I’d ever played shows that big in any project, but to sing for all their heads was really nice. Their fans were cool and really kind. I think you learn more about pacing during big shows, how to make it flow and not to whisper silly inside jokes into a microphone, that shit works when I’m playing basements and stuff, but I gotta class it up for the big shows.  We did an Alvvays/Drake mashup in Toronto that was cool. I like to do little mini covers that are connected to the cities we play in.

You’re currently independent – is the plan to stay that way? Or would you consider signing to a label?
I think I’ll remain unsigned for a sec. Being able to do whatever I want is nice. If someone wants to throw me a bag though, that is also cool.

When can we expect more music from Rebounder?
I’m just tinkering with these mixes for what will be the first project, I think its called ‘Rebounder One’. Got some cool remixes on it too. Would like to be constantly releasing stuff. I just got back from LA where I was producing some friends’ projects, I think some of that stuff will come out soon.

What goals do you have for Rebounder over the next year?
I just wanna continue to write and produce interesting songs and play as many shows in as many places as I can. I get pretty sad if I get bored so I’m just keeping at it. Writing songs that sound like New York and nostalgia.

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