Living in a Dream with Sincerely Art

Giselle Ibarra, who goes by “Sin” or “Sincerely Art,” is a 22 year old surrealist painter from Tijuana, Mexico. Currently based in San Diego, Sin has been painting for three years and uses acrylic on both canvas and wood. The self-taught artist says that she lives in a “world of her own” that she brings to life in her surreal paintings. Check out her work below and read our interview with her that follows.

A lot of your art looks like it’s from a dream. What inspires the surrealist style?

I’m a Pisces. Us pieces are labeled as “dreamers,” much of what is a reality for me. I’ve always found myself constantly living in this world I created for myself in my head. The way I perceive the world is reflected through my art. You can find bits and pieces of “my own little word” through my art. The surrealism comes from the same thing, I just don’t look at things like the average person, nothing is normal if you really think about it.

In you bio it says that you’re a self-taught artist. When did you start teaching yourself how to paint? And was it easy for you to pick up?

I first messed around with paint back in 2015. It wasn’t until 2016 that I actually got into the craft of painting itself. It wasn’t easy at first at all, I used to just paint the simplest of things, or even just mess with colors. Then I decided to start challenging myself with little things at the end of 2017 and I can say that my progress and my ability to paint in a detailed way have definitely improved. As they say.. practice makes perfect.

So since you’ve only really been challenging yourself with painting for about a year now, is it safe to say your work will be evolving a lot in the future as you learn and challenge yourself even more?

Yes, I want to take my artistry to a realism level. By that I mean keep my surrealism alive through my work but my detail be as if you were looking at a picture.

What’s the biggest challenge you face when it comes to creating?

The artist block. I tend to have a heavy flow of new ideas for paintings and then out of the blue I’ll have zero, it gets frustrating because i’m constantly craving to create. But when it isn’t there I don’t force it

And what kind of goals do you have for yourself? Any big dreams you have as an artist?

I want to live off my art full time, as of now I’m currently working a full time job at an office while working another full time job after that as an artist and parenting my 2 year old. I strive to have my art bring me financial stability.. and most importantly to teach my son he can also turn his dreams into a reality. A huge dream I have is to collaborate with Converse. I’ve been obsessed with their shoes since I can remember and I’ve always pictured having my art designed on their shoes. It’s just a matter of time because I whole heartedly believe I will do so.

I can totally see your work on shoes! Have you ever designed shoes before on your own?

Yes i actually designed my own Vans! Like I said a huge dream of mine is to collaborate with Converse, I can totally see my work being displayed on their shoes!


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