Francis Ochoa’s Modern Take on Classic Styles

Francis Ochoa is a 23 year old fine artist from Los Angeles. Working mainly in oils, Francis creates beautiful imagery in a style similar to Renaissance and Baroque art while also incorporating more modern elements. The paintings are highly detailed works that often include a variety of elements and textures that really bring each piece to life. Learn about Francis’ creation process, goals, and thoughts on art in our interview below.

What mediums do you work in?
These days, I mostly work with oil. But I’ve a history working with both acrylic and watercolor. Other times I play around with pencils. I tend to use whatever the piece I’ve envisioned needs because each medium has this inherent weight to it and each one conveys and presents itself differently. 
How would you describe your style of work?
Because my work is essentially, in its form, a catharsis. Most of my work can be called as a commentary or a statement, I believe. So put that together with the styles I’m influenced by (renaissance, baroque, rococo art), I would describe my style as classic with a bit of modernity thrown in.
Who/what are your biggest inspirations?
Everything inspires me. That being said, I would mention the past masters in terms of painters. But there’s currently a drive within me that’s kind of like knocking at the back door telling me to create something in relation to my overall repertoire as an artist. It’s kind of like what I’ve been obsessing over at the moment. That’s one of my main inspirations to create right now.
How do you go about starting a new piece?
I start a piece by creating a thumbnail sketch. It’s very disgusting and is barely legible but it makes sense to me. After that, it’s a whole process of “does this look right” or “what else can I do to make this become MORE?”
Describe your ideal future in terms of working / creating / living out your dreams.
I’ve always had this dream to work on a Disney animated film. At this point, it’s more of a sentimental dream that I’m following. I want to get there just because I set out for it when I was very young. 
How can we remove the stigma surrounding following art-based career paths?
Like with most things, a conversation. It will always have a stigma. Anything that isn’t a high-paying job immediately gets pushed to the side and the worst part is that this mentality isn’t only fostered by a specific age group, this mindset is also carried around by young people. And I get it. Art isn’t a “secure” career path, but the thing is – where would we be without art? Film, music, all of it. It’s culture.
Why do you think it’s important for art to be seen?
I don’t think it’s necessarily important for art to be seen because it’s a such a personal thing. Because we present our truths in them and that gives art purpose. I think what matters more is that an artist is able to achieve whatever he, she or they initially set out to do in making something. And if that resonates with those that see it, then the artist has done their job. 
What is your ultimate goal as an artist?
I want a legacy.

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