Go Back in Time with Hannah Dimmitt

Hannah Dimmitt, also known as “Peachy,” is a photographer, artist, and stylist currently residing in Dallas, Texas. Dimmitt describes her style as “having a dream-like, vintage, and evocative feel to it.” Fascinated in past decades since a young age, Dimmitt reflects this lifelong interest in her artwork. As you can see in her photography below, she does a wonderful job at capturing the essence of the 50s, 60s, and 70s – from the clothing she styles her subjects in, to the editing of the photos themselves. Please enjoy the gallery the following gallery of Dimmitt’s work and be sure to read our interview that follows.

How long have you been pursuing photography and how has it affected your life so far?

I’ve been a freelance photographer for about 6 or 7 years now that I think about it! It’s insane how far I’ve come. I don’t know what I would do or where I would be without photography. It’s opened so many doors for me.

Looking back to when you first began, what advice do you wish you could give your inexperienced self? Or to anyone who’s just beginning?

A lot of your work has a retro/vintage feel to it. How did you settle into that style?

I don’t exactly know why or how it started, but at a very early age I was obsessed with 50’s, 60’s, 70’s, and 80’s music. It didn’t really have an affect on my clothing however, until near the end of 2015. I slowly began collecting vintage clothing and eventually that turned into owning 5+ clothing racks lined with vintage pieces. I would then plan elaborate shoots based on different decade inspired vintage outfits + retro styled locations that matched. I quickly fell in love. I love the dream-like feel shooting vintage inspired shoots gives.

How do you creatively prepare for a shoot and what do you look for in your subjects?

It all varies! Sometimes it starts with a vintage piece of clothing I found (I love to style my own shoots!), and I plan a themed shoot around that! Sometimes it starts with a location, and other times with a model. But once an idea pops into my mind, I began putting together the missing pieces like a little puzzle. I take however long I need to do that, as well. I don’t want to rush a concept. Well… honestly, on the opposite spectrum of things, some of my spontaneous and unplanned shoots have also been some of my absolute favorites. So take the above lightly! Not everything has to be planned out like a little puzzle. As far as subjects, I try and match the right “look” to the right style/decade/outfit I have planned. I usually only work with those who have experience modeling because it makes the process more enjoyable- it’s fun to bounce crazy ideas around and keep a solid creative flow of energy.

Who/what are your biggest artistic influences?

A lot of my influence comes from vintage magazines and my own creative thoughts! As far as other photographers go, I greatly enjoy Nadia Lee Cohen’s work, Petra Collins, and Lou Escobar.

What is your ultimate goal as a photographer?

Ultimately, I just want to make art. I want to be successful enough to always have creative freedom. Work with big brands, have big publications. Make films, maybe books. I just always want to be creating, and I feel like the goals and achievements will be ever-changing and growing!

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