Aaron Lewis’ Sensual Digital Work

A lot of your work has sexual imagery – has this always held true in your work? Or did it evolve into a lasting theme over time?

Yes, and it always will. Sex is a gift. I believe anything I create will always have that motion of imagery and energy [living within it].

Can you explain the process you go through to create a new digital piece?

So I like to convey a certain blend of vulnerability and sensitivity when creating a piece. Often times I may listen to singers who have a distinct falsetto, which at times can help me locate the imagery I want to be present.

What do you hope that people take away from your artwork? What emotions do you hope to evoke?

I hope they act on urges from it. Act on those raw feelings. I would want them to understand that some of what I do may not always be beautiful, but it may be necessary.

What projects are you currently working on? Do you create in any other forms other than digitally?

An animated series I’m putting together, simply finding the “language” now. I still balance the visual side with writing and would like to return to performing soon.

What is your ultimate goal as a visual artist? What is your ideal future?

To never be afraid, to consistently elevate and…to provide an orgasmic experience before departure [laughs].

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