HENNYMILK is a collage artist who uses old magazines (ones mostly focused around pornography and serial killers) to create altered images with new meaning. HENNYMILK kind of started his collages accidentally, by messing around with old magazine clippings and putting them together. It wasn’t until people started responding well to his creations that he realized that what he was creating was something truly interesting. Read our interview with HENNYMILK below after viewing our gallery of his work.

Where do you find the materials to use for your collages? And what is it about collages that speak to you as an artist?

Everything is sourced primarily from vintage porno magazines. All other material is taken usually from video game cases, designer wallpapers, VHS cases, and serial killer magazines. It’s kind of funny, but collages didn’t speak to me at all— I never even looked at it as a “real” artform. I had some magazines lying around & too much free time, so I just made a couple. Then it hit me, just how interesting collages really can be when using the correct material. I take things people tossed out and forgot about and make something people can’t forget. Once people started asking for them as album covers and wanting framed ones, I had to finally put my anxieties aside and accept the fact that I’m making something people find interesting.
What is it about the porno and serial killer magazines that attracts you as an artist?
The juxtaposition of it all. On top of that, it’s crazy to me how glamorized serial killers are and have always been, but Instagram will take my art down for showing a woman’s nipple. It’s disgusting that we’ve put these literal monsters on a pedestal without batting an eye, but God forbid someone shows their body in an act of self-confidence. Everything was just there for me. I always was intrigued by psychology & what makes someone act irrationally. I figured why not combine the two & see how people react to that.
Are there any specific artists or people who inspire your work? Or does the inspiration just come moreso from the source material?
In terms of collage artists, no. In general, Chloé Kovska and Young Thug. They’ve basically gave me the mindset to do what you want and if you believe in it, it’ll resonate with others on your wavelength, and so on and so forth. But while working on pieces, it all just comes from the source material and however I’m feeling in the moment.
Have you dabbled in other art forms beside collage?
Yeah, I do a lot of digital covers for artists, as well as instrumentals here and there. I have a weird little side-project I work on when I can.
What emotions do you hope to evoke from the viewers of your work?
I’ve never really thought about what exact emotions I’d like to get from viewers. As long as something is resonating with them and they’re getting what they want out of a piece they’re looking at, then I like to think I did my job correctly [laughs].
What’s your ultimate dream as an artist? What’s the end goal here?
My ultimate dream would be to one day live comfortably by selling my art— be that clothing, instrumentals, collages, digital media. I suppose I’m living a version of my dream already. A minuscule version of it, but nonetheless, I can’t take for granted the people who’ve bought any media off of me already.


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