WHEVENCAREZ is an 18-year old artist from Philadelphia, PA. They say their work is heavily inspired by the fluidity of gender and sexuality. WHEVENCAREZ’s work is bright, colorful, and bold, often warping human figures and faces into abstract forms. Check out their work below and read our interview with them that follows.

How would you describe yourself as an artist?

Risk taking, and impulsive. I try to reevaluate the mindsets I was in during specific time periods especially with my works I do in series. I think a lot about my process of transitioning and what it means to experience gender in these ways. Gender and sexuality is a huge inspiration and how fluid it is- taking the time to understand what this all means to me and the people around me. Attempting to confront the things I can’t find words to speak about has made me able to produce my best work of all time. I like to try to not plan things so much and I’d rather feel through what I do.

Would you say that art has helped you find yourself as a person? Or is it the other way around?

Yeah, I feel like art has helped me find myself as a person. It’s helped me socially as well, and I’m grateful for that.

Who and what are your greatest artistic inspirations?

The people I surround myself with. The people who tell me to keep going and continue. The people who can look back and remember all of the small details developing myself and how I create and why. The connections with other people in the LGBT+ community have been the loudest.

Is there a certain piece you’ve made that you feel best represents  you as an artist? Or even just a favorite piece of yours?

My piece titled “Streams” for sure. It was my first piece of 2020 and represents a milestone and development in artistic growth for me.

How long have you been making art and when/how did you realize it was something you could pursue seriously?

I’ve been making art for the past few years, mostly as a hobby up until I graduated high school last June. I started doing shows and exhibits and it opened door for me, so I decided to dedicate more time towards it.

And do you have an ultimate goal you want to achieve as an artist? Or is there something you hope to be known for one day?

I just want to continue creating. If I had to say a particular goal it would be to have work in The Museum of Modern Art in New York. I think the place is super dope and inspirational – I want to inspire other people to create as well and create about sensitive subjects that can be difficult to talk about in real life. I want my style of art to be recognizable as my own.


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