Kamar Kent: Art With No Rules

Kamar Kent is a visual artist who’s work consists of many different facial abstractions. Kent admits that he’s “still figuring it all out” when it comes to his style, but his work is impressive and catches your eye. He is trying to build his audience while continuing to create works and find what feels right. Read more about Kamar in our interview below.

How would you describe your style of work? What do you try to portray through it?

Not to sound evasive but I’ll be honest, I’m still figuring it all out. Most of the images I’ve made are all standalone figures with blank atmospheres. And I don’t even know why that is. It could be a result of lack of skill, but I enjoy the cluelessness. It’s okay to say I don’t know in my world. As far as what I’m portraying with my work, it’s always been to show there’s no rules in creating and the importance of exploration. I don’t think with all my work next to each other that one could determine they were all made by the same person.

Where do you draw inspiration from?
Man everything forreal. Movies, animals, structure, people, of course art, everything. When I’m not making shit, that’s how I charge my subconscious. I watch movies, look at pictures of all subjects.  I look at a lot of art, I try to absorb as much as possible. Although I already enjoy these things aside from art, they’re necessary for me to create images.
What’s the most challenging aspect of being an artist in your opinion?
As of now, my most challenging aspect has been finding my audience. For the most part I can control the quality of my work and how much I produce, but I can’t control who will like it. And it’s not that big of a gripe because I know there’s steps you got to go through. But at times, I can’t help but think, “Man when is this shit gon sell?”
Yeah, it’s definitely tough. Have you found social media to help at all?
Of course, it definitely helps, but I’m still figuring it out. I probably should post more, and I’ve been suggested by peers, it just doesn’t feel right at times. It feel like ads, and living in Amerika, I hate ads and commercials. Somebody selling you something all the time. I love to show and sell my work, but I also like to show people I’m a person just like you, I just happen to be good at art.
Do you have a certain piece that you’re most proud of? Or a personal favorite of yours?
I like that question, and yup, it’s a piece I painted maybe 6 months ago titled, “Lenny Ice-O”. It’s my favorite because I just like how I painted it. Up to that point I hadn’t made anything similar, it stood out tremendously. It also, without goin too art jargon, seemed like my first painting with some sort of feel to it. I think the name, the colors, and the position of the figure all create curiosity about who, “Lenny Ice-O” is.
Finally, what do you hope to accomplish in your career as an artist?
Art adds alot right now to my life, but soon I hope I can make it change my life. I’m trying to sell paintings and product, that’s it. I want to be able to live comfortably off my work and take care of my tribe. That’s really all I’d like in return. If not? Shit I tried. Anything more would be unexpected and appreciated. 
I definitely want to engage and collab with other artists, brands and companies in the process. All while maintaining my soul, that’s most important. I love art so much and I’m forever grateful for it, but I’m a man first and I gotta stand on principle.
Lastly, I want to remain fulfilled from doing art no matter what I may accomplish. I want to keep making hard shit, I want to maintain shock value. As of now I’ve consistently surprised myself with what I’m able to come up with.  And not to be self absorbed but it does feel good knowing it’s my work and seeing myself improve. And that feeling don’t get old, I just hope that God willing I can keep that firing forever.


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