Cartoon-Inspired Art By Solar Broccoli

Solar Broccoli is a visual artist and music producer. He describes his style of art as “super cartoony,” noting Adult Swim and Nickelodeon cartoons as inspirations. We talked to Solar Broccoli about his creative process, influences, and goals. Check out the interview below.

How would you describe yourself as an artist / your style of art?

I like to think of myself as a multi-faceted artist. I like to do more than one thing. So I’ll get done with a drawing then transition to writing a song or making a beat. All these different mediums get the same level of attention and focus from me. My art style is super cartoony as I’m influenced by all types of cartoons from Adult Swim to the early 2000’s Nicktoons. My art is more like a stream of consciousness – I just doodle and whatever comes out comes out. I might start off with a small shape and then add hella details to this tiny shape to change it into something else entirely. I’m mostly tryna just express my emotions through my art and what I’m thinking about at the moment. Sometimes I like to draw people who are super inspirational to me, but I don’t wanna be known just for that. I’d rather people know me for my original drawings and style.

And who are some of the people who inspire you most?

There’s a lot, but I’ll try and boil it down to a few – Donald Glover, Tyler the Creator, Kanye, JPEGMAFIA , Gorillaz, Toro y Moi. Artists on [social media] really inspire me [like] Ladon Alex, Idalis Reyes, Adam Zafrian, Nainoa Rosehill and Gambocean. The people in my area inspire me too.

What’s your creative process like? And how do the different types of art you produce intertwine?

It’s pretty random, one day I’ll wake up and feel like making a song and another day I’ll feel like drawing. I usually switch back and forth between the two in the span of a day. Spend a couple hours on a drawing then go back to working on a song. More often than not when I make a beat/song I think of the video for it and cover art as I’m making it. I want all my different mediums to compliment one another. I want to use all my talents to fully get across an idea. When I draw cover art for my own songs I want it to look like how the song sounds I just want it all to feel very organic and natural.

If you had to choose – would you rather be known for your visual art or your music?

Probably music ’cause I feel like my music isn’t as good as my art yet and I wanna make it one of my biggest strengths. That’s really hard for me though cause if I’m known for my music my art is gonna be implemented in there some how. It’s like choosing between your kids who you both love very much [laughs].

Understood! I guess ideally you’ll be known for both. Speaking of the future, what’s your ultimate goal in life?

Ultimate goal in life would have to be being able to make a career out of all of the stuff I do for fun. Being able to live off my craft would make me immensely happy. I don’t even have to be the biggest artist in the world either although that would be amazing / insane. I just want enough to live comfortably and make myself and others happy while doing so.


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