Photography & Fashion by Payton Slay

Photograph shot by Payton Slay.

Payton Slay is a 20-year-old film photographer and clothing designer based in Utah who has been shooting since age 14. At 16, Slay began experimenting with film and has been working in the medium ever since. “I have an undying passion for all things visual,” he explains. “I truly believe that an image can strike such intense emotions to the viewer.” Although our interview with Slay mainly focuses on his photography work, he also has been working on clothing design — you can check that out below along with some of his photography work.

How would you describe your style of work?

I’d say it’s somewhat abrasively industrial, I try and incorporate as much emotion as I can into an image as well to try and make the viewer get something out of looking at it

Do you have a certain piece you’re most proud of? Or a personal favorite of yours?

This would probably be one of the best photos I’ve taken, took this when I was only 17 and somehow it still will always stand out to me.

What inspired you to get into photography? And how have you evolved since then?

Who and what are your biggest creative inspirations?
I’d have to say that Kubrick as well as Ansel Adam’s photography have played a significant role in my creativity over the years. Film in general has always heavily inspired me to make visual art, growing up all I loved to do was make whatever I could and watch film. I believe that film is one of the most beautiful forms of storytelling, everyone can interpret it so differently and be inspired. It’s truly a beautiful thing to me.
How have you been staying creative with the current state of the world?
Despite the current state of the world, I try my hardest to find inspiration as much as possible. This whole quarantine has allowed me to really self reflect on the quality of my work and find different outlets to express myself, I’m still pretty new to making music but so far thats what I’ve been focusing my energy towards as of late, I just wanna create anything I possibly can, that’s my main mindset.
And what do you hope to accomplish in your photography career? What’s your ultimate goal?
I really am hoping I get to a point where I can do photography as a full time position, that’s my primary goal as of now. However my dream job would be working with large fashion brands for lookbooks and other visual needs. That just sounds like something I could carry out so well.


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