A Letter From Anthony Sims Pt. 2

Last year, Anthony Sims shared a letter through our site that highlighted his experiences as an artist during that time. Today, he returns with a follow-up letter that details what he has accomplished since then.

“Measure your own success by the insight and wisdom your failure brings you.” 

When I said this last year I was unaware and fearful of what was to come of my life and my art career. I had lost nearly everything except the exceptional people in life. I hope as you read this second letter you see just how much life truly has to offer you even once you’ve reached rock bottom. 

To give a quick recap of the first letter I told the story of how my life was going great and within a week I lost pretty much everything I had and moved in with a friend for a few weeks. Took my last few dollars and drove to New York City from Memphis, TN. Failed in New York as a street artist and eventually moved out to Dallas, TX. 

So what all has happened since last year?

In October of 2019, I was officially inducted into the American Pop Art Collective in New York City. This collective was founded by Diana Vachier and Steve Kaufman. Steve Kaufman aka “SAK” was one of Andy Warhol’s prodigies from the Factory in the 1980’s. This honor was huge and was only possible because I drove 16 hours to New York City with little to no money in hopes that something would work out. 

Later in 2019,  I reached out to the LA producer NugLife who paid me to create artwork for several songs including ones with features from big name rappers such as; Issa Gold, Yung Simmie, and Rocky G. 

In March of 2020, two of my works were accepted into the Meridian Museum of Art’s permanent collection. One of the highest honors a museum could bestow upon an artist, especially an artist who is only 21 years old. Due to COVID19 I waited until June to officially take my works to the museum to have them stored in the collection.

Between all of these achievements there were many failures and smaller victories. I believe the important part of being able to document this past year and share it with you all is to show you that this dream we’ve all shared is possible. 

I’ll end this letter by saying this, even though I have my own place to live and no longer worry about money, I still have the same friends that have been with me from the beginning and that means more than any dollar amount I could possibly receive. 


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