Artist Sarahlaine Calva Helps Install Shepard Fairey's New Civil Rights Mural

Calva working on the mural's application. Photograph by Joshua Steadman (@steadyfilm).

Last week, visual artist Sarahlaine Calva, who we interviewed back in May, helped install a mural by Shepard Fairey in downtown Raleigh. Fairey, better known as OBEY GIANT, created the mural in response to the ongoing civil injustices occurring in the US. It is part of a nationwide campaign called “Walls for Black Lives,” which will post murals in eight US cities. “The intent of this piece is to amplify the voices of those marching today for Black lives,” Laine explains, “and to reflect on this powerful moment in history.”

Calva worked with artists Taylor White (@taylurk) and Jedidiah Grant (@jedidiahgant) to install the piece. The “Walls for Black Lives” campaign was launched by Branded Arts & Big Bowl of Ideas.

Photographs by Joshua Steadman (@steadyfilm).


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