Between Two Worlds with Luz

Edwin Harmon, better known as Luz, is a New York City-based fine artist and photographer. The 19 year-old creative has just recently took to social media to begin sharing his artwork with the world. Luz has proved his talent in both the fine art and photography world, with samples of both of his work in both mediums displayed below. He describes his photography work as how he “sees the real world” and his paintings as “depictions of [his] world.” We talked to Luz about his different creative outlets, the newfound benefits of social media, and more – please enjoy.

Looking at your portfolio, I see that you work in both fine art and photography. Do you have a preferred creative outlet? Do you see either medium affecting how you approach the other?

The outlet does not matter as much for me, if I’m being honest. Through my work I depict sensations and feelings and how they interact within myself. Depending on the project or the desired outcome, I choose which medium would express it best whether that be photography, painting, video, etc. My background in photography and filmmaking has definitely had a positive affect on my fine art endeavors, it provides more stuff I get to reference when I’m painting and it helps with technical things like perspective and motion.

Let’s focus on your photography for a second – how do you approach starting a new shoot? What’s your creative process like?

Most of my shoot concepts just come to me at random. It’s like as soon as the idea or image is in my head, I have to get it out and show it somehow – and that’s pretty much when the “planning” begins. But the “planning” is mostly just me solving problems that may pop up to interfere with my vision. My process in photography typically goes as follows; a general random idea appears either in the form of a still or moving image, idea gets sketched out, problems arise, problems get solved until I reach a point of satisfaction.

That’s a great way of explaining things, thanks. And what’s it like for starting a new painting? What do you hope to achieve when approaching a new work of fine art?

When starting a new painting I prioritize feeling over anything else. I have to feel what I’m trying to convey before I can even begin working, it’s truly a spiritual experience. When approaching a new work I just hope that I can transport the viewer into my world, that’s the ultimate achievement.

Would you say that your painting work and photography exist in this same world of yours? Or are they two separate experiences?

Two separate experiences for sure. I’d say that my photography work is more a depiction of how I see the real world and my paintings are depictions of my world.

Do you have a certain piece that you’re most proud of or that’s a personal favorite of yours? If so, which is it and why?

At the moment “Treach” is definitely my favorite piece. I was able to truly carve out exactly what I had envisioned in my head, a great and often times rare feeling. I’m also really attached to that piece at the moment because of how accurately it represents the direction my work is heading in.

How long have you been actively pursuing art? I see that you just recently joined Twitter – how has it been beneficial to your career so far?

I have had a passion for art since I was a kid but I would say that I started to take myself more seriously in high school when I started giving more thought to what I was trying to say through my work. Twitter has been really beneficial for my career because it is the first platform that I’ve ever used to try and sell my work on and it has been going great so far :). Twitter has also been super beneficial in helping me connect with fellow artists and introducing me to tools I can use that I wasn’t aware of before.

What are some of those tools you now know to use?

Like online tools that are catered for helping artist grow and also sell their work. Like for example I’d have no idea what cryptoart or NFTs were if I hadn’t joined Twitter.

Yeah I also was introduced to cryptoart recently! To wrap things up here, what goals do you have for yourself? Where do you want to be ten years down the line, ideally?

A goal of mine is to never stop finding out more about myself. I hope to continue growing as an artist and person while also reaching a level of success in my art I have always dreamed of. 10 years down the line I hope to see myself having solo exhibitions around the universe and a body of work I’m proud of. But most importantly I want to be happy and creating freely.


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