"Combining Form," Dashon Aubrey's First Solo Exhibition, Is Happening Now

Fine artist Dashon Aubrey is holding his first solo exhibition at The Yards Collective in Rochester, New York. The show, titled “Combining  Form,” is running now until October 11th. Aubrey tells us how much this solo exhibition means to him, stating that “it feels like satisfying an itch.” He goes on to say that it’s something that’s “been on [his] to do list.” “I honestly can’t describe it, it just makes you want to do more. I want to continue to show bodies of work,” he explains. It’s been a long time coming for Aubrey, who had to postpone or cancel the show on two previous occasions.

“So, ‘Combining Form’ was originally titled ‘At the Turn of a Promise’ and was scheduled to run back in April, just before COVID [hit],” Aubrey tells us. When cases began to slow, the show looked to be rescheduled for July, but was once again canceled for reasons unrelated to the pandemic. Finally, the October dates were set and finalized, but the exhibit was granted a new title by the artist. “I decided to drop the original title,” Aubrey explains, [I believe] that it may have had some very bad energy attached to it [laughs].”

 ‘Combining Form’ is a collection of painting-drawings on canvas and paper, all by Dashon Aubrey. “The idea behind the selected works dates back to December 2019, where I began to study landscape and pastoral painting, Aubrey tells us. “I wanted to pay homage to my mother’s hometown down in Alabama, and planned to capture the fruitfulness of southern plantations, orchards, and horse ranches— recollecting shapes, sounds, and smells. From there I decided to make a series of landscape paintings which further took inspiration from camp sites, river canals, playgrounds, and farmlands. I wanted to produce a playful perspective on landscape painting, combining the forms of wildlife; those of the animal and that of the plant.”

‘Combining Form” is on view now until October 11th at the Yards Collective, located at 50-52 Public Market Way, Rochester, New York.


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