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  • The Art & Design of Dai

    The Art & Design of Dai

    The Art & Design of Dai Dai is a fine artist and graphic designer based in Atlanta. He has worked with a plethora of streetwear brands to help design their collections. He’s proud of his work with these brands, but says that he has big aspirations in the fine art world. “Art is freedom, while […]

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  • Jonathan Swinney’s Dream-Inspired Design

    Jonathan Swinney’s Dream-Inspired Design

    It’s not easy to describe Jonathan Swinney’s style. His Instagram account (@jonathan_swinney) makes it clear that he is a graphic designer, but his artistic ability is not limited to design. He combines his own line art, paintings, drawings, and photography to create intricate graphic design works. As an artist, he likes to explore what he […]

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