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  • Capturing Feelings with Lucas Harmon

    Capturing Feelings with Lucas Harmon

    Lucas Harmon, better known on social media as ‘1999flyboy,’ is a 21 year old digital artist. Read our full interview with Harmon in which we discuss his artistic beginnings, inspirations, his future, and more.

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  • The Digital Work of JoeLius DuBois

    The Digital Work of JoeLius DuBois

    The Digital work of Joelius Dubois JoeLius DuBois is a 19 year old artist from Columbus, Ohio who has been creating digital artwork solely on his phone. He draws out an initial idea and then transfers it to his phone where he colors and perfects the piece on Procreate. DuBois has a few different styles […]

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  • Zoe Alameda’s ‘Unradmotions’

    Zoe Alameda’s ‘Unradmotions’

    ZOE ALAMEDA’s ‘UNRADMOTIONS’ Zoe Alameda is an LA-based artist with a creative platform she calls “Unradmotions.” She describes it as a “creative platform for emotionally-driven, illustrative, and experimental artworks.” Often creating custom clothing designs, Alameda has been selling a lot of her work as of late on the Unradmotions website. Check out Alameda’s work below […]

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  • Discussing the Past, Present, and Future with Ladon Alex

    Discussing the Past, Present, and Future with Ladon Alex

    A lot of eyes have been on Ladon Alex as of late. His next-level illustration work often gets a lot of attention on social media that has naturally led to the growth of his following. The fine artist and illustrator from Dallas, Texas is currently studying at the University of Arkansas while simultaneously working with […]

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  • Illustrating For a Cause With Krista Nicole

    Illustrating For a Cause With Krista Nicole

    Krista Nicole is an illustrator and graphic designer from Arizona. She makes illustrations to produce on various products such as buttons, stickers, and postcards. She has even made a coloring book, which is also available on her site. Recently, she designed stickers to support immigrant families, with 100% of proceeds from the stickers donated to […]

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  • Realizing Potential with Sarahlaine

    Realizing Potential with Sarahlaine

    Sarahlaine Calva is a 20-year old artist based in Raleigh, North Carolina. She often creates works in a pop art style and recently completed a commissioned mural on a huge satellite at Duke University. It wasn’t until Tyler the Creator and Kali Uchis noticed her artwork that she realized her art had “some sort of […]

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  • KidFigment: Twisting the Ordinary

    KidFigment: Twisting the Ordinary

    Annie Cobb, better known to Twitter as KidFigment, is an 18-year old self-taught artist. She often creates colorful cartoon-like characters upon a white backdrop. Sometimes these creations have a grotesque twist – an astronaut holding a severed head, a woman with her face revealing part of her skull, or Mickey Mouse next to someone that […]

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  • Henry Dante’s Pointillism

    Henry Dante’s Pointillism

    Henry Dante is a 21 year old self-taught artist from St Paul, Minnesota who has been drawing for literally as long as he can remember (oh, and he still has remnants of the first steps he took, so that should tell you something). He has been using pointillism for just over a year and a […]

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